House for Sale in Hagen

Hagen Moselle, FR

€ 790 000

292 m²

€ 790 000

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292 m²






Water softener


Double glazing



Window shade

Car port

Irrigation sprinkler


Outdoor lighting

Security door


We invite you to discover this exceptional property located in the charming village of Hagen, France, just two minutes from the Luxembourg border (Frisange).

This unique property stands out for its versatility: it can serve as a spacious, freestanding individual home or as 2 separate apartments, each with its own unique character and privacy. It is surrounded by a charming garden, with the added benefits of 2 workshops and 4 enclosed garages.

Situated on a generous plot of 18.73 ares, the property offers a living space of 291.82 sqm and an additional area of 209.43 sqm.

Built in 1979, this residence has been renovated and transformed over time, currently holding an energy passport of class D-E.

Detailed layout:

On the first floor:
Apartment 1, 133.84 sqm, comprising:
* Living room: 37.52 sqm
* Hall 1: 7.98 sqm
* Kitchen: 13.24 sqm
* Entrance: 7.74 sqm
* Hallway: 5.84 sqm
* Bedroom 1: 11 sqm
* Bedroom 2: 10.13 sqm
* Bedroom 3: 12.42 sqm
* Bedroom 4: 20.51 sqm
* Toilet: 1.50 sqm
* Bathroom: 5.96 sqm
* Veranda: 19.96 sqm

On the second floor:
* An unfinished attic

On the ground floor:
Apartment 2, 157.98 sqm, consists of:
* Living room: 40 sqm
* Kitchen: 13.14 sqm
* Entrance 1: 6.50 sqm
* Bathroom: 7.96 sqm
* Hall 1: 11.11 sqm
* Bedroom 1: 18.65 sqm
* Hall 2: 6.71 sqm
* Bedroom 2: 18.06 sqm
* Toilet: 2 sqm
* Converted garage: 18 sqm
* Laundry room: 13.03 sqm
* Hall 3: 0.80 sqm
* Entrance 2: 2.02 sqm
* Veranda: 38.06 sqm

* Garage 1: 36.90 sqm
* Garages 2 & 3: 77.36 sqm
* Garage 4: 37.15 sqm
* Workshop 1 & 2

Additional information:
* Renovated roof
* Refurbished facade
* Recent condensing boiler
* New attic floor insulation
* Updated piping
* Installed water softening system
* Double glazed windows
* Built-in closets
* Whirlpool tub
* Rainwater recovery system (30,000 liters) with irrigation

This residence, built with thoughtful architecture, allows for comfortable living as a family home while also offering the potential to separate the space into two independent apartments, providing an interesting investment opportunity or the possibility to accommodate a large family while maintaining individual privacy.

Come visit and let yourself be captivated by the multiple assets and possible configurations of this property. Contact us for more information or to arrange a visit.

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